Nacue  Ethiopia


National Consortium of University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) Ethiopia 


NACUE supports the development of student-led enterprise societies and young entrepreneurs to drive the growth of entrepreneurship in Universities across Ethiopia. It represents these entrepreneurial students both nationally and internationally to gain recognition for, and investment in, their great ideas.

Enterprise Societies




To educate, inspire and connect enterprising students and provide them with opportunities to learn by doing.



  • To promote entrepreneurship to the student community as a viable alternative career option.
  • To help students to develop entrepreneurial skills to prepare them for a career in business as an entrepreneur or intra-preneur (person who has entrepreneurial drive/attitude working for large company or government)
  • To foster a community of like-minded, positive and enterprising individuals at university level.
  • To gain an excellent network and develop critical skills by leading the organisation and managing complex events and projects to enable students to achieve their enterprise and entrepreneurial objectives.
  • To seek to start businesses within the Universities to gain real experience and create an economically sustainable society.



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