Business HATCHERY service 


The Business Hatchery Services (BHS) is the third part of Enterprising Ethiopia program. In Harar we ran a pilot program during 2011 that helped 4 of the business start-ups from our Bright Futures/New Venture Creation programs.

From the pilot we have learned that we need to have a structured approach to the support and advice that we give the businesses. This is to avoid them asking the BHS manager to solve all their little problems and in effect taking over responsibility of running for the business from the owners!






The New Venture creation programme was launched in Mekele, Bahir Dar and Harar as a 6 month project from October 2010 until April 2011. All the participants had previously attended one of our Bright Futures workshops.

The programme is now offered in all of the five cities where there are ‘Enterprising Ethiopia’ centres. Those invited to attend are selected from those who came up with the best proposals in the Bright Ideas competition.





Introducing entrepreneurship


We have been running our Introducing Entrepreneurship programme called Bright Futures for the last 3 years. By the end of 2012 we had delivered it over 55 times with more than 2200 participants.

Bright Futures is designed to help develop the participants entrepreneurial potential which is practised in many contexts: for instance in project and product development, new business start-up’s, as artists and makers, in innovation and change in organisations of all types and sizes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          more


What we do


Enterprising Ethiopia, works with young people all over Ethiopia to help them escape poverty by equipping them with the skills and entrepreneurial initiatives to get the jobs that do exist and to start their own businesses.

Enterprising Ethiopia' s activities are centred around three major activitiese are briefly outlined below, click for more detail.

Nacue  ethiopia


National Consortium of University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) Ethiopia supports the development of student-led enterprise societies and young entrepreneurs to drive the growth of entrepreneurship in Universities across Ethiopia. It represents these entrepreneurial students both nationally and internationally to gain recognition for, and investment in, their great ideas.

Their aim is to educate, inspire and connect enterprising students and provide them with opportunities to learn by doing.



The programme is not just a list of stand-alone workshops but a series of interventions which extends to supporting young people, after the training, in setting up and developing a growth business through an incubation service and/or self-help group which can also provide support for those seeking employment rather than creating a business. This requires that Alchemy World commits itself to each city for a period of years while a local ‘eco-system’ of entrepreneurs and business people develops who, ultimately, will take over the programmes in that area.

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