Biruk Yesetla, 19





"Before my training with Alchemy World I had no idea about business, I failed my businesses. But after learning in Alchemy World failing is not failing by itself."

Enterprising Ethiopia  with Alchemy World                  Addis Ababa & London                   


 My name is Biruk Yesetla. I am 19 years old.


I completed the Alchemy World Microsoft ICT & Entrepreneurship course on Oct. 9, 2013. I also have a certificate in Mobile Maintenance from Zion College of Technology and Business from 2004.


I have a video rental business with Amharic, American and Indian movies in the area where I live. I have success with the shop, I know what the customers want to watch and I have a good collection.


So my video business is going well; I am working very well and I am happy. The business covers the expenses for my college and I can help my family with different expenses like money for clothes and food. So in the morning I go to college; I study the building of electrical installations, and after college I open my shop. Monday to Friday I open from 4 PM to 9 PM. Saturday and Sunday the shop is open all day.


There are 5 other video shops and one mobile maintenance shop in the area.  But I am using a price strategy to attract customers: I decrease the price by one birr; the competitors charge three birr for a movie per day, I charge two.

The IT and entrepreneurship course with Alchemy is helping me very much to increase my business and to attract more customers.


In the future I plan to also grow my shop, to establish a large selection of movies. But I also want to offer mobile maintenance in the same shop. And in time I want to offer Playstation too.


And after having finished the Alchemy World course I am thinking about opening a second business together with this: a cosmetics shop. For most of my customers are women and girls and they go a long way to buy cosmetics. And If I prepare a cosmetics shop here, they will rent both videos and buy cosmetics. So when I am financially fit I will open it.