Menbere Sorsu

Bahir Dar   ICT, Bright Future & New Venture Creation  2011




"So the Alchemy World training has had a big impact on my life and so many can benefit from this, especially unemployed youth."

Enterprising Ethiopia  with Alchemy World                  Addis Ababa & London                   


My name is Menbere Sorsu and I am 55 years old. I finished my training with Alchemy World in 2011: the ITC training, the Bright Future Program and new Venture Creation.


I have an educational background in agriculture and used to work as a crop agronomist in a government office in another city. But my husband was living in Bahir Dar. So I decided to move back here and after that I opened up my own business.


Before the Alchemy World training my shop was very small. But I got the chance to attend the Alchemy World Bright Future training and it enabled me to think more broadly, how to expand my business, how to save up, and how to think in a more visionary way. The training taught me how to expand my business, and I have started reading different entrepreneurship books. But most of all the training has given me hope and confidence, hope for the future and confidence that I can become a good businesswoman. Now when I face difficulties I strive to face them and solve them rather than turning away.


When I took the Bright Future training, we visited an entrepreneur, Teddy, a big entrepreneur. His story made me more conscious about growing my business. And it was very inspiring to hear about his success; he inspired us to think in new ways. So my willingness to take risks has changed because I have learned about the different aspects of the business. I have learned that the entrepreneur is a risk taker and I have become ready to take risks.


After I finished the training I took a loan of 2.500 birr from the financial institutions. And after paying it back I took one of 7.500 birr and paid it back – all in the same year. Third time I took a loan of 14.000 birr and I am on the way of paying back the money.

We were a few older students, and for me changing mindset came very easy. My future plan is to start a new business in one of the new buildings at Mercato. Soon the shops are ready for rent and I am ready to get one. I haven’t yet decided if I want to start a new business or move the existing one.


Now I have a mini market. And with this business I can support my family and save up at the same time. So the Alchemy World training has had a big impact on my life and so many can benefit from this, especially unemployed youth.