Enterprising Ethiopia (an Alchemy World Project) works with young people to help alleviate their poverty by giving them the skills and entrepreneurial initiative to get the jobs that do exist and to create jobs by starting their own growth businesses. 

This website details the various initiatives that Enterprising Ethiopia is running. It is also the platform for the City Programme Managers and the Entrepreneurs to share experience and keep up to date with developments within the organisation and the wider world. Offers of support and comments are most welcome.

CITy  programmes

Partnership  with  kingston university (UK)

In 2010 Enterprising Ethiopia worked in collaboration with Kingston University in the UK. They offered to fund three of their enterprise students to travel to Ethiopia to allow them to share their knowledge whilst also learning about the economy of Ethiopia.

The video to the left documents their time in Ethiopia, what they learnt and how they were able to help out in enterprise workshops accross the country. 

Addis ababa


Bahir Dar



   Feature  Article

Working with young people in Ethiopia to help them

         escape poverty through entrepreneurship


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Enterprising Ethiopia is an NGO/Charity and needs  donations to continue its work.  

Since March 2011 we have worked with

  • 1125 participants in 5 cities.
  • They have created 120 business.
  • Another 369 getting formal jobs.

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Meet some of the people who have been through the Enterprise programmes and hear how it has changed their lives.